Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: Jan 17, 2019
Location: Cable Fire Hall
Time: 6:15

Treasurers Report: presented Motion to accept as presented Kelly 2nd Steve Carried
Last Minutes: Last meeting was 12/14/18 was a “Work” meeting no minutes

2019 BUDGET: all estimates
Trap 1 expenses $4200
Trap club house roof $5000
Shells (case) $1400 (low do to what we have on hand)
Computer $??? (we are in need of one, Tammy has been using her personal- discussion: check out prices) we can get a very useable computer from CCS, Gadgets, Etc. for $1200-$1500 – Kelly makes a motion that we should allow $1500 for Tammy to purchase a computer, printer and necessary programs for $1500. Motion Kelly, 2nd Steve carried.

Thoughts to cut expenses – Banquet Plaques do something different and only the top 3 shooter, top 3 team.

Birkie Parking: Town board meeting (Jan 18,2019) 6pm. Birkie foundation insisting that McNaught Rd be closed – We have addressed all their concern thus far, we are insisting we have the right to have cars on McNaught to access our parking.

DNR grants: Deems us as a “Private” club therefore we are not eligible to apply for grants this year. We can apply 9/15/20 – DNR Funds the same as “Public” clubs, they just alternate the years that you can apply. So, we will have to try to nurse our traps along until we can try to get funding for new traps.

Next meeting FEB 13 2019 – Cable Fire Hall 6PM

Meeting adjourned. 7:30 Motion Steve, 2nd Tammy