Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: Feb 13, 2019
Location: Cable Fire Hall
Time: 6:05

Treasurers Report: presented Motion to accept as presented Kelly 2nd Richie Carried
Last Minutes: Approved as presented Motion Karl 2nd Bob

Ice Fishing Contest: Net profit $2,376.00 Great Job.

Roof: Cable Lumber and Truss works $2819.84 material (Note with 10% discount if paid by the 10th)
Winter Gard and other material $1169 (10% off if paid by the 10th)
Discussion to order the trusses and other materials and get it paid right away so we can get it here as soon as possible and as soon as weather allows
Motion: Write check to pay for material and get it paid for Motion Bob 2nd Richie carried

Mgr. position: we received a donation to help pay for the Manager and computer Tammy researched laser printer: Gadgets $429. Amazon $329 Computer Best buy: $549.99 Gadgets: $849.00
Motion order the lesser of the 2 computers and printers – IF a local seller can come with in $100.00 of the purposed lets go local. Motion Karl 2nd Bob carried

Paying the Mgr. for work done: Tammy submitted her Actual Hours and what she’s willing to be paid for… there is a big difference, we feel if she worked these hours, she should be paid for them. (no-one else wants the job and she’s willing to do this she should be paid for it.) Tammy submits her hours as discussed before by the board and is do payment. Motion to pay Tammy for her actual hours Karl, 2nd Kelly. Carried.

Event Parking: Need high visibility vests, need about 6-8 need extra cars in the parking lot so it looks like we sold more parking passes. Meet at club house 530 am.

Up coming events: Pete Spencer has been talking to Karl and is in charge of Bora Epic and has something to do with the Fat Tire, suggested having camping at the Gun Club Tammy and Kelly are willing to Host this and camp there too.
Bora race is June 7-8 Fat Tire Sept. 13-14 $25 tents 1 night $40 for 2 nights.

Next meeting March 13 2019 – Cable Fire Hall 6PM

Meeting adjourned. 7:05 Motion Rich, 2nd Bob