Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: March 13, 2019
Location: Cable Fire Hall
Time: 6:02

Treasurers Report: Motion to accept as presented Kelly 2nd Richie Carried
Last Minutes: Approved as presented Motion Richie 2nd Steve

Birkie recap: did good – Karl wrote Kristie Maki said we did good let’s get together and start planning for next year.

Roof: shoveled roof ($100) Thank you. Everything’s been ordered and paid for. Waiting for trusses. As soon as we know about them, we ‘ll set a date to fix the roof.

Trap Houses: Bob V? nothing at this point.

Pistol Training/Education/Use/Etc: have a list of people who’d like to learn how to use or get more education on pistol use.

Sundays: stay open on Sundays- BUT we need to justify the expense.

Clean up/ Repairs: date ????? we have to call Shawn Kreyer about lights.

Next meeting April,17, 2019 – Cable Fire Hall 6PM

Meeting adjourned. 6:47pm Motion Rich, 2nd Steve