Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: April 15, 2019
Location: Cable Fire Hall
Time: 6:01

Treasurers Report: Motion to accept as presented Jeff 2nd Bob Carried
Last Minutes: Approved as presented Motion Karl 2nd Richie (Tee to contact Tim regarding payment to Joe Pap for shoveling roof)

Roof: trusses delivered; bill paid- March no progress – date? & WHO to do work material at lumber yard contact Tim, or see if we can get bids to replace labor only

Camping: 2 reservations so far June 7-8 Epic Borah build shower house 3pm check in 10 am check out. Club house open 3pm to 10 for Beer pop sales, bathroom use. Tee and Kelly to camp host 1 community fire ring, Tee to send confirmation letters to people with explanation.

Sunday shooting/workers: have interest in Sunday shooting. 10 – 1 motion to open Sundays during regular season with 2 workers Motion Karl 2nd Bob

Pistol: Karl hasn’t written letters to get people interested – find someone who would be interested in shooting,
Ideas/suggestions/interested in shooting their pistol – email?

Trap Houses: Bob called the repair guy (dan) will be happy to do 1yr w/ 100,000 bird maintenance ($1000 in budget for expenses) call him & get him up here to fix.

Kids/ Workers: Bob to ask youth if any would be interested in working at gun club Thursday nights or scoring Sunday mornings?

Budget: Motion to accept the “Budget” with $3555 into “income other” from savings to balance purposed budget. Motion Bob 2nd Richie. Carried,

Computer scoring: Todd miller CCS can look to move current program to new computer or we look at buying a new program. Pigeon Pro is the current program and it goes for $150 – $200 there are others out there which may be more compatible with our website to have scores posted on the website. Will look into costs for the other programs as well.

Clean up day: ????

Annual Meeting: JUNE 10, 2019 at 6pm at the Clubhouse.

Leagues start MAY 30, 2019.

Next meeting May 2, 2019 Club House 6PM

Meeting adjourned. 7:37pm Motion Rich, 2nd Bob.