Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: May 2, 2019
Location: gun club – clubhouse
Time: 6:00

Treasurers Report: Motion to accept as presented Kelly 2nd Steve Carried
Last Minutes: Approved as presented Motion Pete 2nd Jeff (have minutes/agenda posted to website)

Roof: Dale K. has turned in a bid to make the necessary repairs to the roof, he has purposed pulling in the walls and installing/ repairing the current rafters if possible, worst case we install the trusses and reroof estimate includes 35 hrs. labor for $2,000. Motion to accept Dale’s Bid with a cap of $2000. Motion Ken C – 2nd Bob Discussion – thought of going in easy and hope it goes as purposed. Worst case we’ll have to replace rafters with trusses.

Camping: 3 reservations so far June 7-8 Epic Borah. 2 are 2-night stay and 1 at 1 night. $25 for 1 night and $40 for 2 nights max 5 people per site we will have it posted on the website that the gun club will be closed for shooting during these camping nights/days.

Teams: R2 , Camp David Realty, Amundson Septic ?, VanDoorns, Hard Plumbers, Kreyer Electric (x2?) Hope Church?
We are looking good with all the POSSIBLE teams, STILL NEED MORE!!
Scoring – in the past we have shot 1 week back, current week and 2 forward. Suggestion to allow shooting 1 week back and then allow anyone to shoot forward as much as they want. With this being said we have a MOTION: you may start shooting league scores May 23rd and may shoot thru June 9th for your 1st week. Then by June 9th you must be current, you must have 2 scores posted by June 9th. Motion Kelly 2nd Tammy carried

Trap 1: Bob called the repair guy (dan) will try to be here by May 30th. Suggestion, have someone check height of birds weekly.

Kids/ Workers: we have a calendar on the counter for sign ups for weekends and for Thursday nights.

Clean up day: MAY 18th alternate: MAY 19th start around 9 am till??? If you come and volunteer/help you will receive a token for 1 free round of shooting.

Well: the pump has died, Jeff will contact Paul Anderson about getting a pump so we can get the water turned on.

Annual Meeting: JUNE 10, 2019 at 6pm at the Clubhouse.

Leagues start MAY 30, 2019.

Next meeting June 6, 2019 Club House 6PM

Meeting adjourned. 7:07pm Motion Kelly, 2nd Tee