Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: June 16, 2020
Location: gun club – clubhouse
Time: 6:00 pm

Quorum? The question of having a quorum was asked. Bob VanDoorn mentioned the by-laws state when a board position is vacant, the President can move forward with motions without the need for a quorum. Three board members were present at the meeting – President (Karl Kastrosky), Vice President (Bob VanDoorn) and one side member (Jay Zogg).

Trap league: There are five confirmed teams with one more possible. There is still room on some teams if you want to shoot but are not yet on a team.

501-3C status: Work continues on the application for tax except status. This allows donations to the club to be tax deductible. It also opens other funding avenues such as DNR grants.

DNR Grant: Larry Nelson presented proposed changes to the club ground. Some features are perimeter fencing, improved berms for the pistol and rifle range. After discussion a motion to move forward with getting quotes for the grant was made by Jay Zogg with a second by Bob VanDoorn. The motion passed unanimously.

Club Org Chart: Larry Nelson was added to the pistol contact list. A possible person for Bar Manager was discussed. Position will be announced if the person agrees.

Board Member openings: Motion was made by Jay Zogg to elect Larry Chrisman to the open side board position, with a second by Bob VanDoorn. Larry Chrisman accepted and the motion passed unanimously. He will fill the vacant position for the remaining one year, until the next election cycle.

Larry Nelson was asked to consider filling the Treasurer position. He agreed to consider it and will get back to the board on his decision.

Web site: We reviewed two new pages: Shooting Sports – summary of shooting options at the club, and NRL22 League, the new 22 precision shooting league we host. Any ideas for additional posting are welcome.

Borah Epic camping: The Borah Epic group agreed to let us know six weeks out (June 14) if their event was still on. They have not said no and it is still listed as happening on their website. We will continue to move forward as if it will take place. Contact the club if you can help with the event July 24 / 25.

Membership pricing: An increase to $50 for all member levels was discussed. A motion to increase them starting with 2021 was made by Karl Kastrosky with a second by Jay Zogg. The motion passed unanimously. This still makes us the lowest cost club in the region.

Next meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for the third Tuesday of July – July 21 at 6pm. It was moved from Wednesday to avoid conflicts with other local group meetings.

Meeting adjourned: 7:15 pm Motion to adjourn by Joy Zogg with a second by Bob VanDoorn.