Cable Rod and Gun Club

Date: September 15, 2020
Location: gun club – clubhouse
Time: 6:00

6:03 pm   Meeting called to order by Karl Kastrosky.

Pig Roast:

  • Karl K thanked everyone for their hard work.
  • We had the best Pig Roast so far despite COVID-19.
  • Deposits for the Pig Roast totaled $11,240. This is deposits before expenses. Krystal Rauch advised a bill has not been received for the radio ad ($135) – Larry Chrisman will follow-up.
    Food bill has not be settled yet either, estimated cost of $500.
  • It was recommended to limit shooting during Pig Roast to Pig Roast events only. All ranges should be closed to other shooting during future Pig Roasts.
  • Larry Chrisman will place on calendar to get committees together 3 months in advance for next year. People will be asked directly to assist to avoid same people doing all the work.
  • Karl K recommended we buy raffle items next year rather than request from companies
  • Recommended by Jerome Malmquist that we have events like the Annie Oakley during trap to get more participation. It was mentioned this and the Mad Minute where held in previous years but not enough people were present to do them this year. Will try next year. A shoot to win a chicken was also recommended.
  • Drawing for money raffle should be done live and announced as they are drawn. First, Second, etc.… giving everyone same chance for each prize. This year they were drawn in advanced but announced in that order.
  • (Submitted by Dan Plum in advance but not discussed at the meeting: Would it be possible to have American Legion color guard raise the flag to open next year’s event? Could we have WRLS broadcast live from the Pig Roast?}

501(c)(3) status: Work continues on the application for tax exempt status.

DNR Grant: It has been submitted. DNR advised it may take 9 months before results are available.

Shells and clays:

  • Jay Zogg will verify costs of ½ load standard clays and some sporting clays bird.
  • Randy Bjork will check on costs of shells through L&M Supply.
  • Steve Prevost will check on availability and cost directly from Federal.
  • Added vote on purchase to next month’s meeting agenda.

3D Archery: Karl suggested purchasing targets to set up archery practice. Jay Zogg (???) going to check on pricing.

Fall School Trap:

  • Mandy VanDoorn advised the high school is having a fall shoot. They have 6, maybe 7 shooters. They will shoot 10 rounds each.
  • It was decided the club will not purchase 20 gauge shells but leave it to the individual or school.

Land Loan:

  • We have a commitment letter from the bank for 4.25% loan.
  • Appraisal was completed for $500.

Pistol Range:

  • DNR used the range Monday Sept 14 and LEO is using the range Wednesday Sept 16.
  • When DNR or LEO are using the Pistol range Skeet is closed that day until a more sufficient berm is constructed.

Thursday Trap:  We will be open for skeet and trap through the end of September provided interest remains sufficient to open; need will be assessed week to week.

Ice Fishing:

  • A tentative date was set for Feb 6, first Saturday of the month.
  • A venue was discussed.
  • Concern was voiced about having it at Loon Saloon as they are very stringent on face mask use. Some members will not attend due to this.
  • Lakewoods was recommended as alternative. Steve Prevost will check on Feb 6 availability.
  • Focus is to be on 15 and under with special prizes for that category.
  • Focus is to stress education – justification for our DNR grant.
  • Larry Chrisman will send email requesting helpers.
  • Planning added to Oct agenda.

ESOX: Karl K advised ESOX 2020 has been canceled so no planning is needed.

Appreciation Dinner:

  • A dinner for volunteers and those that donated raffle items was recommended for November or December.
  • It was suggested but decided it should not be combined with the Ice Fishing Contest.
  • Lakewoods was suggested as a venue.
  • Karl K suggested having it catered and the club pay for it.
  • Added as agenda item for Oct.

Web site:

  • Pig Roast photos are posted.
  • An aerial video should be available soon from Chris Frasch.
  • Membership pricing: An increase to $50 was placed on the website by Larry Chrisman due to a misunderstanding at the Pig Roast. It will stay but any new membership is valid through Dec 2021. If individuals push back, they can still get $40 individual membership until 31 Dec.

Next meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for the second Tuesday of October – Oct 13th at 6pm.

Meeting adjourned: 6:50 pm Motion to adjourn by Karl Kastrosky with a second by Bob VanDoorn.


Agenda items for next month:

Purchase of shells and birds

Member appreciation dinner planning

February Ice Fishing Contest