PO BOX 276 *CABLE, WI 54821


November 17, 2020

Location Club house

Time 6:08

Treasurers report: all bills are currently paid and up to date

Minutes there were none last month due to the banquet. Thank you everyone who made this a great time, you are all awesome.

New Business

Club house -We are looking into possibly making the club house a year-round facility. Looking at possibly blown insulation in attic and ??? in the crawl space

Grant application – It looks like we may have scored high on the list to get the grant. Will keep us posted as things progress

Future ideas: Winter league if we can get this a 4-season facility.

 Old Business:

Site in Days:  louis holly, Larry C, Mike H, and Jerome will assist Krystal will bring them lunch

Larry Loch will have the back stops all fixed up.  Need to move 1 more gun rack

$5/ gun donations

Ice Fishing Contest: Kelly is working with Patty at Lakewood’s and will get the raffle tickets out ASAP

NRL 22: the people who ran this is moving away and wanted to know if we would be interested in purchasing their “Package” for the Shoot, Target etc. $400 TABLED

 Pistols: Mike on the Phone with Jesse, try to come up with safety training – Look into Insurance “Training” liability may have to be “Intro” to safety training or something

Fireline in Rice Lake charges $15/ line

Shells/Birds: on order 50 cases of shells and we talked about adding 20 cases of 20 ga, to the order.

We need to order and get them here when ever we can motion by Krystal to order 2nd by Larry C. to order shells 12 pallets will last close to 2 yrs.

Food next year: Krystal poses next year we have premade burger patty’s and pizza’s available for people since most are coming to shoot directly from work. With simple options we can get people fed and keep them happy

Score keepers: Krystal to Hire them next year

Radio advertising: we need to put us out there more will have to check into free radio calendars and year-round postings.

Signage: WE NEED BADLY a big sign somewhere directing people to us, most people do not know where to find us.  Better signs would help.

Next meeting

Dec. 8, 2020 – Cable Community Center 6PM

Adjourn: motion Krystal 2nd Kelly 7:08 pm