SUMMARY:  NOTE: February 15 meeting is cancelled.  And…  Please consider updating your membership for 2022!  Put April 19th on your calendar!

This is an update on a couple of items.  After the Ice Fishing Contest, a few of the board members met on Monday to review the results.

  • The Ice Fishing contest was a successful fundraiser!  There is one more small bill to come in.  The net will be just under $2,000.
  • The results of the fishing contest are posted to the Facebook page at:
  • With all funds deposited, the club’s cash is at $20,593.32.  There are current liabilities of $5,100 for earthwork completed to date.  There is also the future liability for the $10,500 of shot shells ordered for the Drummond high school trap team and another $2,200 for shot shells ordered for the club members.  Note that these items are all reimbursed as they are sold.
  • An inventory of shells was found that the club was able to purchase at a reasonable cost at today’s prices.  The concern is that the club cannot assume that we will have either of these two purchases fulfilled until the shells are delivered.
  • Shells are very hard to find.  Members, note that if you find a source of shells that you can purchase for yourself for the season, buy them!  Or, if you hear of a larger quantity that might be available, please let a board member know so that the club can pursue them!
  • The club house has a person that has agreed to be the new bartender.  She is Dawn Peterson.  Welcome Dawn!
  • We discussed the February meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, the 15th.  A decision was made to cancel this meeting.  We will see you in March on the second Tuesday, March 8, at the club house!
  • For the meeting, we will be making the final plans for the April 19th Cable Chamber of Commerce After Five gathering, happy hour, etc.  Plans for that event include:
    • Food and Drink
    • The awarding the recipients the awards from last year’s shooting.  Note that the awards are currently on display in the club house.
    • A shooting demonstration, hopefully by the Drummond Highschool trap team.
    • Recruiting new members.
    • Please send or bring us your additional ideas.  Please!
  • NOTE:  Last month’s (January) meeting minutes are on the club’s website.
  • With all the activity the club is undertaking, now would be a very good time to renew your membership for 2022!  That can be easily done at:
    Note that you can pay online (makes the record keeping easier) or you can download the updated membership application and mail it in or drop it off.