Cable Rod and Gun Club Membership Drive

Renew your 2021 membership with the Cable Rod and Gun Club to help us continue improvements. Memberships run from January 1st-December 31st.

What we have been working on this past year…..

  • Completed designs to improve the safety of our pistol and rifle ranges.
  • Applied for a DNR Range Grant to start on the safety designs. – Awaiting Approval
  • Continued updates to our website at Let us know your thoughts!
  • Added informal pistol events during trap league
  • Started new .22LR matches once a month May – Dec
  • Applied for 501(c)(3) status to allow tax deductible donations – Awaiting Approval
  • Refinanced our debt to better terms

What we are planning for 2021 ……

  • Ice Fishing Contest February 6th
  • Parking cars for Birkie at the Club
  • Two different camping events hosted at the Club
  • Pistol shooting – learning about your gun? Practicing? League?
  • Club house opens first part of May for league practice or just for fun.
  • Summer Trap league starts June 10th and Skeet shooting will also start in June
  • Pig Roast Sunday of Labor Day Weekend
  • Increase participation in the monthly NRL22 matches (May – Dec)
  • Repairs and upgrades to the Club House and the property

Why renew, you ask?

Well…. let me list the many reasons!

  1. Your annual membership is a very minimal cost at $50.00.
  2. Your support is used to keep OUR Club up and running and improving!
  3. It will cost you less in shells (per case) and rounds. Non-member rounds are $8 per round vs. a Member round at $5 per round.
  4. Non-members are asked to make a $5.00 minimum donation, per person each time they use our facility.
  5. Your membership supports the Drummond High School trap team and other youth by teaching how to properly handle guns and giving them the opportunity to be the next generation of Gun Club sports and hunting.
  6. Your membership also allows you to shoot on one of our trap leagues.
  7. Gives you an opportunity to be around others with the same interests.