Please join in for some shooting fun this year.  The following is an explanation of how the club is organized for Trap Shooting.  If you have not yet joined for this year, the forms can be found on our web site.  Please see below for the link.  We hope to see you all this summer! 


DATE:      The club house will open for the summer on Thursday, May 4, for practice and warm up.
The League shooting will start on June 1, and run for 13 weeks.

TIMES:      Thursdays – 5:00 P.M. to dark (Trap and sometimes Skeet)
Sundays – 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (Trap and sometimes Skeet)
Wednesdays – Skeet – 1:00 P.M. until shooters call it.
All Days – Rifle, Pistol, & Archery ranges after 9:00 A.M.

RULES:      Shooters may sign up on a team until June 15. You can shoot your thirteen weeks for the season whenever you can. You could even become a member, get on a team, and shoot thirteen rounds in the last week. Not advisable. We would much prefer to have our members show up frequently during the season.

Scoring:    At the last board meeting, we agreed to a 75% handicap.  On further investigation after that meeting, it was found that at times in history the handicap was as low as 70%.  After studying the data, 70% may make more sense than 75%.  For sure it will not be 80.  Stay tuned for a late update.

Teams:      Teams can have a maximum of seven members plus one youth for a total of eight. (Eight youth can make up a team.) If you do not have a team but wish to shoot on a team, the club will find you a team. There are teams in need of shooters. The top five scores for each week are the team’s score.

Fees (Sales tax included):

Members: Adults – A round of trap (25 birds) is $6. A box of shells is $9.
Youth, defined as under 18 or registered HS students – $3 / round. Shells are $8 a box.
Team sponsorship fee is $200.

Nonmembers: A round of trap is $9. Shells are $10.
Nonmembers will be charged $10 each time they use the club grounds.
Donations above and beyond these prices are always be greatly appreciated!

The forms to join the club and/or sign up for a team are in the club house as are the forms to register a team.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change.


PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP FORM: You can sign up online or print it out and mail it in to:

P.O BOX 201
CABLE, WI 54821


The forms are also available at the club houses as are the Team signup forms.  Recruit a team and enjoy some competition!

**NOTE: There is a possibility of future changes in pricing caused by supply and demand.

*Youth are defined as age 12 to age 17 and under and living at home.

The Club is open to the EVERYONE, but why not buy a membership and support our club!