We are planning ways to make this a better event in 2021. Most likely, we will alternate events / styles from week to week. You can attend each week or select those that appeal to you the most. Some suggestions so far are IPSC (International Practical Shooting Competition), Precision Shooting and self defense techniques. Any style we decide on will have safety, education and fun as the main goals. Why not help us plan the event or at the least give us your ideas? Either way send thoughts and ideas to the club.

An informal group meets on Thursdays during our Trap League to provide guidance and share knowledge. This is a low cost way to become more familiar with pistol shooting. Rules of the range are posted to ensure a safe time for everyone. Carry permit holders, this is a great time to keep firing skills sharp. This low key event is also a great time to introduce someone to shooting sports.

  • There is no cost to members
  • Non-members pay a $5 fee
  • Shooters provide pistol, ammo, hearing protection and targets
  • Everyone shoots from the same line
NOTE: This is not formal training. Our club does not provide formal training. This is a group of members sharing their knowledge and passion of firearms sports. Please visit our list of area firearms instructors if you require formal training.